Flashback: Season 2012/13

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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (12A) 124 minutes

Britain's best-loved actors form a disparate group of pensioners tempted to retire to 'less expensive, more exotic' India, where their shared experiences transform their outlook on love and life.

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Biutiful (12A) subtitled; 148 minutes

A tough-love story between a father and his children set in the dangerous underworld of modern day Barcelona; like the tale of life itself it ends where it begins.

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Waste Land (12A) subtitled; 99 minutes

Filmed over 3 years, this uplifting documentary follows artist Vik Muniz from Brooklyn, NY to the world's largest landfill site in his native Brazil and demonstrates the transformative power of art, as well as the strength and beauty of true human spirit.

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Tetro (15) 127 minutes

Every family has a past. This family harbours rivalry as Bennie discovers in this dark drama set in Buenos Aires. Tension builds when he unexpectedly turns up at his 'long-lost' older brother's door seeking explanations.

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The Big Picture (15) subtitled; 114 minutes

An act of uncharacteristic rage, a fatal error and an irreversible decision dismantle Exben's 'perfect' life as a successful Parisian lawyer.  Redemption comes a long way from home, when he, at last sees the Big Picture.


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Midnight in Paris (12A) 124 minutes

A gentle romantic comedy in which a young American writer and his fiancée holiday in Paris with her parents, only to discover that their feelings for each other and the city of romance are more than a heartbeat apart.

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The Lady (12A) some subtitles; 132 minutes

The epic story of Aung San Suu Kyi who, through devotion, human understanding and the power of love has shown our whole world that her peaceful quest remains resolutely at the core of the democracy movement in Burma.

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The Angels' Share (15) 101 minutes

Dynamic dynasty - Ken Loach and Paul Laverty show us how unemployment, young criminals, the birth of a child and new-found wealth in the 'Water of Life' combine to create a bitter-sweet comedy, set north of the border.

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Coriolanus (15) 123 minutes

Ralph Fiennes directs and stars in this intelligent, accessible story brought to life in a contemporary, if uncomfortable setting.  Riots, manipulative politicians, an uncompromising warrior mother and betrayal are all present in this, the Bard's final tragedy.

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Moonrise Kingdom (12A) 94 minutes

A quirky, colourful, idiosyncratic film set on a remote New England island in the mid-1960s.  A pair of twelve year old misfits fall in 'love' and elope into the wilderness, turning the once peaceful and unaware community upside down.

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Las Acacias (12A) subtitled; 82 minutes

Relish the rewards of this gentle compelling story.  Witness these initially reluctant travelling companions bond; Ruben (a lonely truck driver), Jacinta (a young woman) and Anahi, (Jacinta's 8 month old child) as they drive the motorway from Paraguay to Buenos Aires.

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The Sapphires (PG) 103 minutes

The final film in our 2012/13 is a real little gem which will have you dancing in the aisles!! It's 1968 and four young talented Australia Aboriginal girls learn about love, friendship and war when their all girl group 'The Sapphires' entertain the US troops in Vietnam.

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